Ariekon Hair Caps – How to measure your head size correctly!

You need a measuring tape OR a Piece of cord/thread and a foot ruler.

Hold one end of tape or cord to your forehead. We need a measurement of your head circumference.

Place the measuring tape or cord/thread at height of the forehead around the head just above the eyebrows. Take it round your head at about that level until the tape/cord/thread touches the bit you held at the start!

With this you will have a fairly good measure of your head and can determine the cap size for your Ariekon wig.

If your head size falls between two sizes, choose the next largest size available. If you do not have a measuring tape to hand, you can use thread or cord to determine the circumference of your head.

Place the cord or thread on a foot ruler and record your head circumference. Choose your Ariekon Wig unit, Check out. Job done! 

Head Measurement_Ariekon_Hair


XXS 48 ‑ 51 cm
XS 50 ‑ 52 cm
S 52 ‑ 54 cm
M 54 ‑ 56 cm
L 56 ‑ 58 cm