Am pretty sure that if you've been exploring wigs, you've heard of lace frontal wigs. So, I am are here to help you understand what this wig type is, the lifespan of your lace Frontal wig, and how you should care for it!


What are Lace Frontal Wigs?

Lace frontal wigs are designed to look like a natural hairline. Hairs are hand-knotted into a lace material that lays along the forehead. This material should blend in with the skin and make it look like the hairs are growing right out of your own scalp! There’s no other wig feature that will give you that real-looking hairline.

 Lace Frontal Wigs Lifespan

The wig’s hair fiber determines the lifespan of a lace frontal wig. With proper cleansing, maintenance, and styling routine, human hair lace front wigs last any where from 1+ years ,depending on how much you wear the wig. And depending on what lace material was used (HD, Swiss,Korean Lace etc)

 Lace Frontal Wig Care

To get the most out of your lace frontal wig's lifespan, there are a few key elements and maintenance tips that you should pay attention to, including making sure your wig fits right, proper care and storage, and wig rotation.

Ensure it Fits

Your wig fit is one of the most critical factors in ensuring that your lace front wig lasts throughout its entire lifespan. If your wig is too small, you risk warping and stretching out the delicate lace material and effectively damaging the wig. If your wig is too big, your lace front will not lay flat against the forehead, and you won't achieve that seamless look you desire.

How to care for your wig

Properly caring for your lace front wig is essential to maintaining your wig. First, you should wash your wig every 8-10 wears using clean products made for alternative hair and wigs. I recommend using Professinal Hair care Products. My favorite line is Wella Cosmetics.

Sweat, oils, and makeup will collect in the mesh-like material. So, when washing your lace frontal wig, it's crucial to cleanse the base material and treat it with care. During your washing routine, make sure to cleanse the lace front material by using circular motions with your fingers to release those elements.

Another tip for lace front wigs is to NOT apply conditioner or detangling sprays too close to the lace front material. These hydrating sprays can loosen the hand-knotted hair and cause fiber loss. 

How to store your wig

We recommend storing it in a cool, dry place without direct sunlight when not wearing your wig. We recommend using a wig stand or mannequin head in order to keep the shape and style of your wig.

Wig Rotation

One of the best tips on extending the life of your lace front wig is to have two identical wigs. This tip allows you to rotate between the styles so one wig doesn't get worn out too quickly. Also, having multiple wigs helps with your wash routine. This way, you can always have one clean wig available in case of personal inconveniences or unforeseen weather changes.

We hope this article has helped you understand more about lace front wigs and how to extend the life of your wig investment through proper care, fit, and rotation. 


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