My Vision

My vision is to offer amazing virgin and remy hair something that is going to leave an impact on my clients and create an emotional attachment

My Mission

Is to keep an honest business that is fair and provides good quality custom made wigs for you!

A big welcome to all the ladies who are interested in Looking Fabulous and Sexy 24/7. 🙂

Welcome to Ariekon Hair and Beauty my company. My dream is that all my clients trust me with your hair needs via my brand, which is why I feel the need to share more about how I started Ariekon Hair

My name is Elizabeth Nelima and I am the CEO and founder of Ariekon Hair a name that is derived from my two beautiful children Arielle and Keon

I moved to Germany in November 2016, to be with my spouse leaving everything behind my family and friends and starting up in a whole new country with no language skills. It was extremely challenging. I remember very well I was pregnant with my second child and half the time I was frustrated with no job and nothing to keep me busy or mentally stimulated.

So I picked up on wig making with YouTube as my teacher. The wig making passion was actually driven by my partner who supported me 100%. Plus the little money I received from the government, I started buying a few tools to use and learn.

I can tell you that my experience with the hair extensions out on the market was not the best. So my ultimate goal was to look for good quality hair and offer great customer service.

A year and a half went by and i had never considered doing this as a business, but i was working at an Irish pub late hours on the weekends and though I liked the job I never liked the idea that I worked late and left my kids home. So I thought to myself about how passionate I was about wig making.

I decided to go ahead and did more research. I studied how to weave ventilate, and the whole process on wig making. This was when I decided I was going to create a Wig and Hair extensions Brand that represented me and thousands of women out there looking for quality wigs.

I also have a deep empathy for ladies suffering hair loss, yet still want to look gorgeous without itchy hair extensions. All ladies looking to have longer locks without braiding or weaving, this is why I started Ariekon Hair

Thank you so much to all my gorgeous customers I love you so much. And I will serve you always.

Lets do this.